Sunday, August 31, 2014


Black and white.

These two colors when combined together form an awesome fashion trend called Monochrome.

This type of trend has been a classic fashion statement yet being reborn into the contemporary and modern times with different approaches from different styles.

Black can go with any type of color when combined, same with white and together these colors are infinite.

I personally think
that wearing black gives off that simple sophisticated look and matching it with white take your look to whole new level.

My inspiration for this style I'm wearing is a mixture of the formal look with a touch of the contemporary style I have been seeing on the streets and on the runway nowadays influenced by the summer/spring trend.

Most of the pieces I'm wearing are just from my closet, never been used/seen until I have decided to experiment. Most of these are really cheap and can be seen from the local market. I personally think that you dont need to buy branded stuff just to make you look good *plays the song Thrift Shop*.

Credits to Christyll Castillon for taking these pictures. Thank you!

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