Monday, September 1, 2014

Experimenting with #Colors

As I walked around the streets of CDO, I have noticed alot of color combination to the outfits being worn mostly by young people of my age or even younger. I think that this type of style can be used daily or for random hangouts with friends to a local place or even party venues.

 When combining colors, an important thing to take note is that the color contrast should be pleasant to the eye (not too strong) when the pieces are put together if you dont actually want all the attention to be into what you’re wearing. If you have time, the color wheel can be of good help for various types of color combination.
 What I’m wearing: Dark shades (cheap ones you can buy at divisoria), Sky-blue polo shirt (gift from my boss so basically its free), Oranged-dipped skinny jeans ( from a local store here in CDO), Swatch shoes.

Credits to Christyll Castillon for the taking these pictures.


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